Muse Dash is one hell of a charming rhythm game – GameSpew


Released on Switch this month, Muse Dash combines the platforming of an endless runner with a rhythm game.

But there’s only one real thing you need to know about Muse Dash, and it’s great fun.

Muse Dash is absolutely packed up with music tracks. Separated into a number of albums, you’ll unlock new songs as you play, earning XP for your performance. There is a total of 97 in the Switch version, and the game’s store page says “stay tuned for continuous free updates”. Phew.


The gameplay is simple, with only two buttons used. Enemies spawn on two tracks; one button will attack enemies on the top track, and the other will attack those on the bottom. There will also be obstacles to jump through and long notes that require you to hold down one or both of the buttons. Of course, everything is punctuated by music.

What’s great Muse Dash is that it is suitable for everyone, regardless of ability. Stick to the easy game, and you have an enjoyable two-button experience that literally takes 30 seconds to get used to. Pump a track up to a harder difficulty, however, and it’s a fast-paced beast that will give even the most rhythmic a run for their money.

The music included in the game is pretty much what you’d expect from a Japanese music rhythm game. The songs on offer span a variety of genres, and there’s very little that won’t have you tapping your toes or bobbing your head to the beat.

Presentation is one of the most charming things about Muse Dash, corn. Bright, bold and full of life, its 2D characters and enemies are bursting with personality. You almost won’t want to attack the creatures you’re waging a musical war against; they are all so cute! Its platforming game format is a welcome change from most other rhythm games which often take on a more abstract form.

If you like clicking buttons to the beat of the music, choose Muse Dash. It’s adorable, contains a lot of content and will allow you to be carried away by its excellent and varied music selection for hours. It’s £26/$30 on Switch, or you can grab the game on Steam with a limited selection of songs for just £3(!). You can’t go wrong anyway.


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