Music Video: 1st Base Runner Releases “Near Me”


Alternative artist based in Austin, Texas 1st Base Runner recently unveiled the music video “Near Me”, a track taken from their 2021 EP, Ellisa collaboration with Bryan Ellis.

The video, directed by Ellis Bahl and Johnny Chew, enters a visual realm close to the weird and wonderful world experienced by Alice in Alice in Wonderland, as well as bursts of prodigious flavors. Images of dripping black goo, magic coins, a vaporized deer head, a tiny dancer, and a mysteriously self-dismantling chair permeate the visuals of a Twilight Zone-like distillate.

1st Base Runner is the brainchild of Tim Husmann, who has played with well-known artists, playing drums, synths and directing electronic arrangements, in elite venues. Then he took a break, a break, a hiatus of scriptural length – seven years. When he returns, it’s with a new album, aptly titled, Seven years of silence. Released in July 2021, the album is brooding, brooding, dark, slightly ominous and wonderfully crafted.

Ellison the other hand, embraces brighter colors, but there is still a sense of Husmann’s dark aspect running through the music, albeit reduced to a kind of sonic residue rather than a leitmotif.

“Near Me” rides a fat, dark beat comprised of crisp percussion and a massive, growling bassline, while the mid-range colors slam to hypnotic effect. Husmann’s voice, a blend of deep tenor and sighing tones, imbues the lyrics with an enigmatic expression. There’s a sad, lingering feel to its inflection, as if it’s trying to attract and repel a lover at the same time.

Like budding artists Jaye Maverick wrote: “Beginning ‘Ellis’ is ‘Near Me’, this particular song will have you slowly dancing in the mirror while you wear a feather boa around your neck.”

Both lavish and a bit risque, “Near Me” mixes surreal visuals with dreamlike music in a seductive, almost psychedelic experience.

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