Musical premiere: Know Self presents new single “Next Level”


Denver, Colorado-based hip-hop artist Know Self releases “Next Level,” a track from his upcoming album, RIP (Replenishing Inspiration Clean), is expected to drop on November 11, 2022.

Comprising 11 titles, the next TO TEAR APART delivers visceral, unfiltered bangers, balancing old-school hip-hop with mainstream, conscious rap. By welcoming life lessons into his music, he offers support to those who also face difficult circumstances and seek personal growth, development and heightened states of consciousness.

Coming from a family of drummers, Know Self’s innate sense for rhythmic patterns transferred seamlessly to the lyricism of rhyme. Elevated on the classic boom bap, Know Self embodies a variety of styles blending elements of retro 90s hip hop, a mindful heart-focused approach, and rounded notes of hard-hitting trap.

Yet at the same time, Know Self realized that style demands substance, which led him to discover how to imbue his music with understanding, for himself and his listeners.

Trained in 7 different types of healing modalities, Know Self intends their words to be intertwined with energy of healing, awareness and expansion.

Know Self’s mesmerizing, magnetic sound has made him a Colorado mainstay, performing at festivals like Sonic Bloom and Arise, and gracing stages at venues like the Gothic Theater, the Ogden, and one of America’s largest venues. interiors of Denver, Mission Ballroom. He has also collaborated with iconic artists such as Gift of Gab, Zion I, Locksmith and Sa-roc (rhymesayers), and is the emcee of Denver’s own electronic project, Lucid Vision.

“Next Level” opens with kaleidoscopic, swirling tones that transition into a heavy, punchy trap beat with crisp percussion and an underground, soaring bassline. Know Self’s rapid flow gives rhymes powerful flavors and tight timbres. Echoing vocal statements infuse the stream with dynamic depth and dimension.

Brimming with a powerful, gripping beat, sparkling topline, and Know Self’s rapping flow, “Next Level” is solid gold.

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