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If you enjoy the soothing sounds of yacht rock during the summer months, then the latest version of Train is sure to satisfy those cravings for constantly hearing bouncy arrangements of breezy vocals and mellow beats with an abundance of relaxing vibes that will instantly make you forget about the problems of the day.

Featuring Train’s first all-original music release in five years, “AM Gold” is the San Francisco band’s nod to the soft rock tunes that dominated AM radio in the 1970s.

Frontman Pat Monahan’s charming vocals are perfectly suited to this popular music genre on the 11 tracks that deliver totally easy-to-feel melodies with retro charm.

The title track sets the tone with an infectious melody that talks about regaining your confidence after love has gone wrong. Monahan sends an open invitation to find joy at the party singing, “Breathe, baby, you ain’t gotta worry no more/Just breathe, we’ll be waiting on the dance floor/And let your body let go/You’re the best of times / Love don’t come in stereo / Baby, you’re gold AM.

“Running Back (Trying to Talk to You)” is a shrewd R&B number about the struggles of maintaining a relationship together and making sure the lines of communication are clear and true.

Pop star Sofia Reyes lends her sultry vocals to the lively ‘Cleopatra’ and Jewel joins the band on the radio ‘Turn the Radio Up’.

Beautiful memories are the substance of “Amber Light”. The floating reflection focuses on falling in love under the stars at the beach on a perfect summer night with Monahan declaring, “Fire, beaches, summer nights/Laying in your amber light/Nothing in the world I’m fine/But you did everything well.”

“Fake Flowers” demonstrates that not all new arrangements are rosy. The tender ballad about love that never takes firm root is masterfully navigated by Monahan as he conveys the pain of realizing that things are not what they really seem when he sings, “The only thing real about you, it’s your lies / And fake flowers never die.”

Lost Love takes on a softer tone on set closer to “That’s All.” Carrying on is the best way to mend a broken heart, with time the only answer to slowly erase the memories that were part of every day as Monahan proclaims, “I’ll miss the love in your kiss / And I’ll wish on stars like this.

The train arrives in Pittsburgh on June 17 with special guests Jewel and Blues Traveler.


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