Mystic Circuits IDUM: smart dance music generator for idiots


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Source: Mystical Circuits

Mystic Circuits has a module that will turn your poor attempts at dance music into fresh and exciting beats. IDUM, where have you been all my life?


Making complex electronic music can be difficult. This often involves huge logic-obsessed modular rigs to generate the enjoyable beats that will drive people crazy. Not all of us have the brains for this and that’s why Mystic Circuits created IDUM which they say puts the creation of IDM “in the hands of people with average intelligence”. Well, that’s me sorted then.

IDUM is a gate processor. It takes doors and effortlessly transforms them into intelligent dance music (IDM). So you enter your boring streaks back and forth, fabulously complex and emotive patterns of mayhem and mayhem. It’s like an effects processor for gates; dial it up and let it go.

There are 8 game modes that give drastically different results. Hold deals with door length, To burst generates clicks, Multiply/Divide change time, Ball bounces, Turn scrambles, Delay postpone the inevitable, Break create rhythms and To jump time travel. You have control over how likely things are to happen and how long it might last as well as things like depth, time, snazzle and such depending on the mode. It’s all internally loopable so you can take an idea and work it to death.


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Apparently it’s all about clock manipulation and IDUM has a unique ability to play with the nature of time. This includes leveling ourselves up through the overuse of Clock Bursts.

It looks deliciously crazy and looks like it could level you up or leave you bleeding on the floor. Mystic Circuits says:

IDUM might be the dumbest way to do IDM and we at Mystic Circuits are proud of it. Whether you want to add complexity to your dancefloor bangers or create the most obtuse, unlistenable music imaginable, IDUM is here to help. See how silly your music can get with Mystic Circuits IDUM.

IDUM is available now for $295.


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