New gameplay trailer for Noir Combat Rhythm Game Against


A new trailer debuted for the upcoming black rhythm action game Against in our UploadVR storefront today.

Developed by Joy Way, the game is slated for release later this year for PC VR. Set in 1930s New York and adopting a black aesthetic, Against will see you shoot, slice, and slash enemies to the beat of the music. Here is a little more info, from the Steam list of the game:

1930s New York is a city of faded colors and frightening shadows. “AGAINST” is a rhythmic journey through these streets ravaged by crime. Send the bad guys as you progress through the dark alleys. Slice up mobsters with your sword and mash them down with your pistol – but do it to the beat for points and fun. Dodge obstacles, climb walls – all the while taking out your enemies as the music hammers. At the end of each level, face the boss in sync with a musical climax.

You can see a few of these different weapons in the showcase trailer and while the clip begins statically with on-the-spot gameplay, towards the end the scene begins to advance artificially like a pistol. . This is one of the few areas that seems to be a black touch inspired by the love of the 2019 version of Cloudhead.

For that, that’s a bad thing – when Pistol Whip was released it was often compared to Beat Saber and Superhot and yet remains a mind-blowing game in its own right. Hopefully, by focusing on tighter, close-quarters fights and a spooky aesthetic, Against can forge its own course as well.

Against is slated for release on Steam for PC VR this year. He is available on wishlist now.


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