New Inbox Music – Monday Edition! (January 17, 2022): Avery Raquel, Greta Isaac, Rip Pop Mutant and more!


Every week we receive dozens if not hundreds of promotional emails from agents, PR firms and up-and-coming artists containing the latest releases from around the world. From the biggest superstars to ambitious self-starters, we’re going through it all to highlight for you what we’ve dug up, the tracks that caught our eye, and the recommended picks worth notifying. It’s the new inbox music!

Artist: Avery Raquel

Song: “Everything depends on you”

Album/EP: Only

Groovy, glitzy, glamorous pop that obviously draws inspiration from ’70s disco with its slamming bass and splashing hats, “All up to You” is an immensely jammable track from Avery Raquel. Also, keep an ear out for brass and sassy vocal harmonies!


Artist: Greta Isaac

Song: “NUH UH”

Album/EP: I think you would hate it here

Angular, offbeat pop with a huge synth hook playing among its syncopated accompaniments, Greta Isaac walks a fine line between clunky and oddly catchy with “NUH UH.” The misaligned beats leave plenty of room for Isaac to play with and grow throughout.


Artist: Rip Pop Mutant

Song: “Occasionally”

Album/EP: Fluxus Pop

Gothic new-wave pop that elevates compressed keyboards and drum machines to an upbeat melancholy, Rip Pop Mutant mixes worn-out ’80s style with something new with “Sometimes.” Muted vocals and relentless melodic bass add some catchy anxiety to the mix without bringing the melody too much far down.


Artist: Trentemoller

Song: “No More Kisses in the Rain”

Album/EP: Memory

Lush walls of synths, sparkling, squeaky clean production and a beautifully haunting delivery from vocalist Lisbet Fritze form a reflective track of stunning beauty in Trentemøller’s “No More Kissing In The Rain”. The single is from the artist’s sixth studio album. Memory, and there’s clearly experience to spare on this track – the emotional weight of every single note is impeccably placed.


Artist: David Atsman and Mark Coles

Song: “Natural Blues”

Album/EP: Only

Inflating and punchy in equal measure, the dance single “Natural Blues” is a grounded track that allows itself moments of dizzying heights. Heart-pounding melodies, a descending, flowing backing beat, and a soulful vocal sample make David Atsman and Mark Coles’ collaboration one to remember.



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