New Ragnarock VR Rhythm Game DLC kicks off Hellfest in bulk


The unprecedented collaboration between the legendary music festival Hellfest and the video game Ragnarock is now available. This Ragnarock DLC announces many new features and dedicated content, including the arrival of new famous bands in the playable tracklist!

Featured during the Upload VR Showcase Summer 2022, WanadevStudio is thrilled to announce the release of Ragnarock’s new DLC, Hellfest RAID. This DLC includes 11 new titles from the groups present at Hellfest 2022, a new playable environment dedicated to the universe of the festival, new longships and many other surprises.

The Offspring, Dragonforce, Nightwish, Gojira… A line-up of epic new music

For this unique partnership, Ragnarock completes its tracklist with 11 new collaborations from multiple headliners and evergreen rhythm game music.

  • The Offspring – “You Gonna Go Far, Kid”
  • Nightwish – “Tribal”
  • DragonForce – “Heart Demolition”
  • Gojira – “Born for One Thing”
  • Helloween – “Skyfall”
  • Blind Guardian – “Battlefield”
  • Avatar – “Go Hunting”
  • The Rumjacks – “One for the Road”
  • Therion – “High Marquis of Hell”
  • Disconnected – “Life will always find its way”
  • Fejd – “Härjaren”

Many novelties

A new room is now accessible: the locker room!

Players will be able to choose their longship and their hammers among those already unlocked. For this DLC, a specially festival-inspired longship is available and a pair of Hellfest-themed hammers are now available to unlock!

A playable environment in the colors of Hellfest is also accessible. This map brings together all the mythical places of the festival transposed into the Ragnarock universe.


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