New Release: Synth Riders VR Rhythm Game Gets New Tracks


Do you like to dance? And are you a fan of virtual reality? Then you will love the latest version of VR rhythm game Synth jumpers, developed by Kluge Interactive. Launched on January 14, “Synthwave Essentials 2” is a music pack containing 5 paid songs and 3 free. The pack contains tracks from Muse, NINA, Essenger, and other top house and nu-disco artists.

A new concept: dancing in a VR world

If you are an avid reader of ARPost, you may have already discovered the VR rhythm game, which we covered in April 2020 and June 2020. At the time, we had already expressed our belief that virtual reality is the perfect way to exercise. and stay in shape without getting bored.

The benefits of immersing themselves in a VR dance game became even more evident as many countries entered a second lockdown in late 2020. Confined to their homes, many turned to virtual reality to escape. to the stagnant reality that surrounded them. And what could be better than listening to music, getting lost in an exciting and lively world and staying in shape with the rhythm game Synth Riders VR?

Introducing New Songs with Synthwave Essentials 2 Music Pack

Speaking of the new version, Abraham Aguero Benzecri, Creative Director of Synth Riders, said in a press release:

“We’ve been wanting to do a real Synth Riders audiovisual ‘experience’ for some time now, and I’m incredibly happy with the outcome of ‘Algorithm’, it opened the doors for us to continue bringing music to the forefront of reality. Virtual ! “

The new music pack for the VR rhythm game contains 5 paid tracks:

  • Algorithm (alternate reality version) by Muse
  • The Dark Side by Muse
  • Run Through the Night by FM-84 and Ollie Wride
  • Midnight thunder days
  • Tech Noir (Carpenter Brut Remix) by Gunship.

Players who enjoy the Synth Riders VR rhythm game will also experience 3 free songs in the new version:

  • Abyss (Gancher & Ruin Remix) by 3FORCE feat. Scandroid
  • Empire of Steel (MASKED Remix) by Essenger feat. Scandroid
  • Automatic call by NINA.

Immerse yourself in a world of bright colors and intense dancing

Synth Riders is particularly aimed at fans of house, EDM and nu-disco music. The visual world of VR rhythm game mimics a high-tech club, where colorful strobe lights create a fascinating and out of this world environment.

Synthwave Essentials 2 - Synth Riders VR Rhythm Game

The new tracks also pay homage to the music of the 80s, so they will appeal to even a mature audience, who grew up during the glorious disco day. With the new additions, the VR rhythm game now features 52 free songs and 15 paid tracks. That’s enough to keep you engaged for the weeks and months to come.

How do I get the new music pack for the VR rhythm game Synth Riders?

Synth Riders is available on Oculus, To smoke, and Viveport for new players. If you have already purchased the game, the free songs will be rolled out as an update. Paid tracks are available on the platforms mentioned above, either as an individual download at $ 1.99 each, or as a bundle with a 20% discount.

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