Orchestra uses typewriters to play music


Boston, Mass. (WFSB) – An orchestra in Boston doesn’t have a string section, but it sure does have one that needs tape.

A group of creative musicians have ditched their traditional instruments for a writing tool that gives them a distinctive sound.

“We call them instruments. Some people call them desktop machines. Some people call them sculptures,” says Chris Keene.

Call it a gig with a business office vibe… The Boston Typewriter Orchestra uses old-fashioned typewriters to give them their rhythmic tone.

“It has a limited range of sound, so you really have to work on what you’re trying to get out of it,” said Keene, a member of the orchestra.

So how does a band like this get started? Alex Holman, also a member, said: “We got together at first as a bunch of weirdos who liked to bang on typewriters and for some reason we were obsessed with making noise on typewriters.”

“Once we realized we were trying to entertain an audience, not just laugh, bang like monkeys on typewriters, I think it really started to gel,” says member James Brockman. orchestra.

And the popularity of the orchestra is on the rise. Back in business after the pandemic, they play live at parties and build their own brand.

“It’s always kind of rewarding to play and see how much people appreciate what we’re doing,” says Jay O’Grady.

Another member, Derrick Albertelli, jokingly adds: “We discourage other orchestras from appearing. We don’t need competition.


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