Paragon Cause Recalls Halifax Music Scene in the Early 2000s in 8-Bit with “Two to Play”


This is the last single from Ottawa duo’s new album ‘Autopilot’

Posted on November 04, 2021

Ottawa duo Paragon Cause – Michelle Opthof and Jay Bonaparte – just released their third studio album Automatic pilot, but they’re far from falling asleep behind the wheel of their latest single “Two to Play” and its accompanying animated video, which served as a love letter to the Halifax music scene in the early 2000s.

Working with Danish producer and longtime collaborator Sun Rose Wagner on the album’s opening track, Paragon Cause set the stage for Automatic pilotthe exploration of varied sound territories – in addition to its theme of meditation of time through technology – and the feeling of empowerment that accompanies confidence in one’s instinct.

“’Two to Play’ focuses on trusting and building on my own talents, opinions and feelings – putting me first,” Opthof said of the track in a statement, revealing the point of view. who guided the duo’s creative process on the album.

“With our previous music, even though we were trying to be creative and artistically unique and original, I think we were more self-aware and a little more averse to risk,” Bonaparte added. “Now, thanks to the confidence we have gained over the past year and a half, we are allowing ourselves to open our minds even more and explore a little deeper the ideas and ideas that matter most to us.”

With this in mind, Paragon Cause found itself expanding its lineup of collaborators to include indie rock legend Eric Avery of Jane’s Addiction, as well as English producer Liam Howe.

The retro video for “Two to Play” was co-produced between host Luigi Salas and Cape Breton native Bonaparte, inspired by his youth on the East Coast.

“I wanted to create an 8-bit cyberpunk version of my Halifax memories,” the musician said in a statement. “Seeing bands like Thrush Hermit, Fly Jimmy Swift, Dr. Yellow Fever and playing gigs with some of my old bands when I started music; starting my music career playing gigs with Rose Cousins, visiting open mics , all of this – plus some memories of our Cape Breton home. “

The forward movement of the race through the mazes of video games matches the rhythmic pulsation of the song, which switches between lo-fi and explosive alternative rock, driven by the guitar.

Automatic pilot follows Paragon Cause LP 2020 What we started and their debut in 2019 Escape. After seemingly hammering out the new album in just 10 days, the band looks set to continue their impressive annual release track record.

Watch the video for “Two to Play” and broadcast Automatic pilot in full below.


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