Philadelphia Typewriter Workshop helps preserve and restore art

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Many Philadelphians may not know it, but there is a store on East Passyunk Avenue dedicated to typewriter preservation and restoration.

Philly Typewriter is the brainchild of a decades-long typewriter enthusiast and repairer.

According to owner Bryan Kravitz, despite the popularity of word processors, computers and telephones, good old typewriters are making a comeback.

“I’m really amazed that this is happening right now,” Kravitz said. “When we place people who have never used a typewriter in front of a typewriter for the first time, we watch the smiles on their faces as they press the keys. They realize something is going out of their brain , in their finger and on the paper. There’s nothing in between. That’s what makes people smile.

Philly Typewriter is a repair shop, but it’s also a kind of museum, filled with old models donated by locals.

“People find old typewriters in the attic and say, ‘I don’t know what to do with that’ and ‘I don’t want it, but there’s someone who will. So they come here to preserve it and pass it on to the next generation,” says William Rhoda, director of Philly Typewriter.

Kravitz says the demand for typewriters is high now because so many people suffer from digital burnout and security breaches.

He also adds that there is something about a typewriter: the rhythm, the tapping, the creative process, that feeds the writing in a different way.

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