Phish releases the tweezers for the second night of Garden Run


All Phish fans know the meaning of “eve”. Tomorrow is a big show like Halloween or New Years Eve and the band is dropping an absolute show to get us pumped for the massive event to come.

Photo by Rene Huemer

After Wednesday’s slightly uneven and messy opening (still a really fun show – check out my review here), expectations were high for what was originally scheduled to be the 12/30/21 show. The last Phish shows on Dec. 30 have included incredible moments like the legendary 35-minute Tweezer in 2019, the breakout of Glide II and the globally insane show in 2018, and a 27-minute Down with Disease in 2017 that is l one of my favorite versions. of the song.

4/21/22 established itself as “one of those nights” from the jump, with Trey shouting LA Suzy Greenberg for her first show as the crowd erupted with a burst of mad energy. Two heavily played versions of 46 Days and Plasma followed the flamboyant opener with short but pithy jams in each.

The first WOW-inducing moment of the night came next with a pretty clean read of The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday, with Avenue Malkenu sandwiched in between. After a quick check of the last two times this song was played (01/09/21, 14/07/19), I was then certain that the rest of the show would continue to be legendary.

The jamming began in the Wolfman’s Brother at the end of Set 1, continuing its 2022 streak after the absurd 22-minute version played in Mexico in February. Sticking to the song’s bouncy groove, Page worked the Rhodes beautifully as Trey took the reins near the end and burst into a massive peak to end the song. The crowd fed and loved EVERY SECOND, and I really started to understand why MSG is Phish’s playground and the best place to see them.

Continuing with a rare and well-executed Esther (another first for me!), the band closed the set with a powerful Ghost. Taking the now traditional bliss modulation, Trey seemed to be heading towards the end around the 14th minute, but the band cheered him on and he confidently embarked on a manic, rock jam that almost hinted at Tweezer Reprise to close. the song and Position.

When the band hit the stage for set two and ripping straight into Chalk Dust Torture, there was no doubt this version was going deep. As has been the trend for this run so far, Phish stuck to major themes instead of the more Sci-Fi Soldier-ish weird jams that dominated 2021. Trey confidently climbed through the ride and the nice Chalk Dust before smoothly transitioning to Tweezer (see 08/07/15 for the last amazing second set opening CDT -> Tweezer). Starting the jam with a relaxed vibe, Phish really leaned into the groove, working on aspects and themes from both Your Pet Cat and Free jam (at least to my ears). Mike then led the band in absolutely perfect major key modulation.

This is where the jam went crazy.

Trey continued to play the Your Pet Cat type riff, but it took on a different meaning in the beautiful soundscape of happiness. Page’s sweet Wurlitzer playing and Fish’s insistent drumbeat pushed the jam on as Trey gently began to solo in an incredibly patient and beautiful theme. Seeming to stretch much longer than its 14 minute runtime, Tweezer was absolutely flawless and the crowd devoured every second, absolutely captivated by the beauty of what was happening in front of us. There was a moment around the 13-minute mark where Trey backed a long note on a silky bed of electric piano that drew a loud cheer from the crowd. Absolute madness.

As Tweezer faded, Fish fell into the familiar 2001 beat and Madison Square Garden erupted as over 20,000 people began to dance aggressively at once. Trey played some fantastic funky rhythm guitar as Page took advantage of his synths throughout the patient jam. After the 2001 dance break, Phish went through an incendiary duo Maze > About to Run before taking the ensemble’s first real break in The Mango Song.

When an absolutely spectacular Hood came next, most people (myself included) assumed the set would end there. However, the band wasn’t done and Trey flat out ripped the opening riff to Character Zero.

As much as people love to hate this song to close out the second sets, the crowd absolutely RAGED for this tune and sang with every word. Led by Page switching to clav, Zero went dark and dirty for a few minutes before Trey fell into Tweezer for a minute before cleanly returning to Zero to close the set.

Leave this process for a minute. Zero Character -> Tweezers -> Zero Character to close the second set.

A great encore of the powerful ballad A Life Beyond the Dream and the best three minutes of rock music (Tweezer Reprise) closed this legendary show with even more incredible energy from the band and the crowd.

This band is nearly 40 years into their career and continues to impress minds in unexpected ways. Tonight we celebrate New Years in April and I couldn’t be more excited to see what Phish has in store for us over three sets.

Phish Madison Square Garden – New York, NY 4/21/22

Set 1: Suzy Greenburg > 46 Days, Plasma, The Man Who Came In Yesterday > Avnenu Malkenu > The Man Who Came In Yesterday, Wolfman’s Brother, Esther, Ghost

Set 2: Chalkdust Torture -> Tweezer > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Maze, About To Run, The Mango Song > Harry Hood, Character Zero -> Tweezer -> Character Zero

E: A life beyond the dream, tweezers

It was the rescheduled date of the show which had been postponed due to the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 outbreak in New York in December 2021. Suzy Greenberg was dedicated to the “singing hero”, Suzy Greenberg, who was assisting her first Phish show. Chalk Dust Torture was unfinished. Trey teased Super Bad in 2001. Mike quoted Kung and Trey teased Plasma in Harry Hood. Character Zero’s conclusion contained a third Sun Stone tease from Trey


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