Playing in a peloton? Fitness Company reveals rhythm game ‘Lanebreak’


With Bike and Bike +, Peloton has been looking for ways to improve the way people exercise at home, and Lanebreak is the next stop on that journey.

platoon plans to expand its exercise platform by adding an interactive element through the future version of a “Lanebreak” game. For years, video game companies have tried to turn their software into platforms where people can move while competing for high scores or playing a story. It seems that Peloton wants to participate in this action as well. Peloton, however, is perhaps in a better position to make this game popular among its users.

Since the release of Peloton Bike, the company has accumulated customers and provided them with a modern exercise experience. Not only is the bike a good workout option for those looking to stay in shape during the pandemic, but Peloton also provides fitness videos from the trainers to help keep users motivated, as well as scenic rides for those who want to. take breathtaking trips while staying in their own home. Of course, this comes at a high price. The Peloton bike starts at $ 1,895, then there is a monthly fee of $ 49. For a product that costs so much, some users might want more.

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Recently, Peloton announcement Lanebreak, a fitness game designed to further enhance the Peloton experience. Intrigued by “opportunities beyond video“, Peloton created the Rhythm Game for Bike and Bike + and it works by tricking users to speed up or slow down depending on the signals from the game. Lanebreak will also throw obstacles at the player, expecting the The user changes lanes and to avoid them. The resistance button on the bike and the bike + will be used as a controller to change lanes, while the regular speed and cadence will be adjusted by pedal. The object of the game is to provide pleasant motivation for cyclists, while also bringing the game to a new audience.

Lanebreak could be a winner

Man riding a Peloton + bicycle

In the past, companies like Nintendo have tried to make fitness part of games. For example, games like Ring Fit Adventure were developed for the Nintendo Switch while using an additional piece of hardware, such as a ring. Some of these games worked well, while others failed. This may be due to the relationship between hardware and software. Peloton designed the Bike and the Bike + as the first fitness equipment, perfecting the machines to perform well and provide the user with a great training experience. Adding a game after the fact to this already fleshed out gear could help ensure that Lanebreak becomes a game that not only plays well, but is enjoyable and provides a workout that users will come back to time and time again. There may even be room for multiplayer on the go, allowing users to compete with friends.

On the other hand, it all depends on how the controls are integrated into Lanebreak. Fortunately, Peloton already has tons of sensors attached to the bike allowing users to track cadence and other factors during normal training. Not to mention that portable devices are also configurable to track bike information. According to Peloton, Lanebreak is being tested and is currently only available to a limited number of users. Platoon also notes that the game is in a “early“, without any details on the date of its full release.

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