PSA: Rhythm game fans should keep an eye out for Hatsune Miku: Colorful scene


While rhythm games have been around for ages, just like most game genres, they aren’t for everyone. Almost all of the players ended at least one game out of frustration. With the number of rhythm games that force players to follow their songs in definite ways or a life system that might be more brutal than helpful, the genre has become a niche for those who can handle them, rather than be open to new players. This is where SEGA’s latest mobile gaming company, Hatsune Miku: colorful scene, comes with a will to change that.


Fans of DIVA project should feel familiar with this kind of title. This game is another entry in the growing games featuring Hatsune Miku and the other Vocaloids that have been seen on the internet. Developed by Colorful Palette, Colorful scene works in a very different way from DIVA project, but shares songs with the series through several different Vocaloid producers. Being a mobile game, however, Hatsune Miku: colorful scene should be accessible to everyone, and this is where the game excels the most.

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Hatsune Miku colorful scene makes rhythm games easy to learn


Many players understand what it’s like to stop a song halfway through because they’ve made a mistake too many times. While stopping rage occurs with every type of play, rhythm games like Fuser unit and Rock band are known for this. Color Palette seems to understand this and instead did Hatsune Miku: colorful scene invites gamers with intuitive features like adjustable note speed, haptic feedback, and more, which allow fans to play the game without steep learning curves.

While these features may be standard in some rhythm games today, the way they are executed is what helps the game stand out. Players can adjust the note speed down to the smallest detail of the millisecond to ensure that it matches their own personal tempo, which helps many players who find themselves alienated by other games in the genre that don’t. ‘have only one general speed switch, leading to conflicting songs speeds.

Smooth haptic feedback lets players know they’ve hit their notes in a way that also helps muscle memory rhythm games come alive. While Colorful scene still has a Life system that can cause players’ songs to fail, they can try again if they fail at no additional cost, and in-game cards that contain original Vocaloids and characters have skills that can restore life if lost .

New modes in a colorful scene that fans of rhythm games will love


While these features make it easy for gamers to understand how the game works, that’s not to say that it’s not difficult. Even with adjustable note speed, Hatsune Miku: colorful scene has five difficulty levels in the form of Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert and Master, and each raises the stakes a bit more for those who wish to take them on. Many new players should find it easy to level up to the hard level with enough practice, but Expert and Master are definitely challenges for veterans of the rhythm game and are just as difficult as they seem. If a mode seems impossible, however, players can take advantage of all modes of the game at all difficulties and always come back with benefits.

This is even more prevalent with the way the game features an intuitive “Co-op Show” mode that invites players to a kind of “Play Along” which sees five users playing the same song in unison to add their scores together. for special rewards. What sets this mode apart the most is that it doesn’t rely on difficulty levels at all to calculate the final score, instead focusing on how well players perform on whatever difficulty they choose. Without judgment, fans can play with other players in their specific comfort zone, even if it is Easy mode, without worrying about holding back other players.

These features are exactly what Hatsune Miku: colorful scene is going to need to maintain itself, and it does it well and with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Outside of the in-game rhythm play mechanics, it even makes its gacha features and story features welcoming to all kinds of gamers. Colorful scene gacha does not limit how long cards are available and all special events are archived so players can explore their stories at their own pace. It gives all types of gamers a wonderful game to play, no matter how often they play. Hatsune Miku: colorful scene invites everyone to play it and has set new standards for other games that follow it at all levels.

Hatsune Miku: colorful scene is now available on Android and iOS devices.

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