Qatar Museums open two art exhibitions

Qatar Museums recently opened two art exhibits at the Fire Station — Artist in Residence. The first exhibition, titled ‘Espresso 4 the Road’ is by artist Mubarak bin Nasser al-Thani, and the second is by artist Yousef Bahzad, titled ‘Earth Metal’. ‘Espresso 4 the Road’ includes 53 paintings, in which the artist uses the method of the schools of abstraction and cubism, and draws his themes from architecture, nature, geography and the daily life of the inhabitants of large cities. , and tells the rhythm of things in the painting like trees, buildings, and animals.

“I chose the name ‘Espresso’ as a symbol of the energy and positive dimensions of colors, because the exhibition is like a road trip in which a person contemplates the things around him. My sources of inspiration lie in geography, nature, architecture and history,” Mubarak al-Thani said in an exclusive statement to the Qatar News Agency (QNA) on the meaning of the exhibition’s name and the topics that represent the sources of his inspiration for him in his works.
“I worked on the use of symbols, objects and details related to the Qatari environment and nature, the particularity of its architecture, its dunes, its sun and its plants, and the symbolism of tea and coffee in Qatari society. In my work, there is a mixture of these local and foreign symbols,” he added.
The exhibition entitled “Earth Metal” includes 11 paintings, in which the artist is inspired by people’s relationship with the earth and their interaction with it, and the natural elements that influence its formation, such as minerals. Regarding the messages he sends through his works and his method of addressing ideas and the recipient’s gaze on his works between optimism and pessimism, Bahzad told QNA that his inspiration is linked to the earth and the mutual transformations between the earth and man, and it is possible to change the earth and reshape it, exchange the same effect and restore it.”
“When I look at the transformations that have happened and are taking place in Doha, my city and the cradle of my childhood, I want to discover them and know the impact of these changes and their dimensions, on the scale of the city that has become a global city, and at the level of people who come and go.” He developed,
“As for the recipients of my work to view with an eye of optimism and pessimism, the scene of the painting may seem frightening at first glance and incite fear, but looking at the work and getting closer to it, the recipient can discover other dimensions. Like the features of a family photo or a human birth scene. In any case, I leave it to the recipient to interpret the work.” He said. Exhibits will continue at the Artists’ Headquarters Fire Station through June 16.


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