Raja Kumari: Decreased audience attention span to the detriment of art


By Akshay Acharya

Bombay, January 11 (IANS): American rapper, songwriter and singer Svetha Yallapragada Rao, better known by her professional name Raja Kumari, has been instrumental in changing the dynamics of independent music.

She has strengthened the Indian underground music movement through her collaborations with artists from all over the world.

Raja Kumari, who is celebrating her birthday on Tuesday, spoke with IANS about the virtue of an artist, the topics she tackles through her work and her idea of ​​collaborations.

Revealing her birthday plans, the rapper said: “The situation in the city (Mumbai) is that most people are Covid positive. I have a few girlfriends, we all tested negative. We will have dinner together, listen the 90s Bollywood follows and has a good time. “

The musician also knows Kuchipudi, Kathak and Bharatanatyam well. Ask her how other art forms improve her art of music and she jokes, “I see all my music through the prism of classical dance, whether it is the rhythm, the composition of the composition or the costumes. and the atmosphere. I try to take it all. take it into account through the perspective of the dance and put them together in my music and not stay linear, that has to be a well balanced process for me. “

Sharing the idea of ​​her distinctive voice as an artist, she says, “My work addresses the identity and duality of being of two different cultures. He also talks about the expression and experimentation of bringing the old back to the future and the west to the east. “

Of all things, an artist must be authentic in his voice and his choice according to his opinion: “Authenticity is the greatest virtue of an artist. If you can get someone to identify with your words and if you can express something to your heart, then you can inspire so many people. “

Speaking about her idea of ​​collaboration, she says: “Every time I collaborate, I learn something new. I like to think outside the box. As people, sometimes we take ourselves too seriously. , when I collaborate, I try to do something completely different, whether it’s pop or a Punjabi song. I keep introducing myself to new audiences. “

The internet has contributed to the rise of many artists around the world, but Raja Kumari likes to keep an open view of the internet: “The internet is both a blessing and a curse. It gives you the power to broadcast your own creation and represent yourself however you want. Having said that, I wish people cultivated a longer attention span. “

She adds, “I remember when I was a kid I used to buy albums and listen to the red stretch, but now people’s attention span has dropped. They just watch and judge a piece of music on the basis of a 15 second loop, which is detrimental to art.

The global artist ends the conversation on an inspiring note for all upcoming artists, who are trying to find their place, “If you really love to be an artist, you should learn from the artist you love but at the same time be you. – even because there are so many artists out there, so the more authenticity you have as an artist, the better it will be for you, your art form, and the audience you want to engage with.

“There is only one that you have to be genuine and continue to explore your sound as much as you can,” she concludes.


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