Rajpal Yadav Movie is an emotional watch


Ardh is a drama film written and directed by Palash Muchal and stars Rajpal Yadav, Rubina Dilaik, Hiten Tejwani and Kulbhushan Kharbanda alongside other actors. The film has a duration of 83 minutes.

Zee5 describes the film as follows:

Shiva struggles to become a mainstream actor in Mumbai despite being a theater actor. With the help of his wife Madhu, he dresses up as a transgender and begs for money to survive.

– Ardh’s review contains no spoilers –

At Rajpal Yadav’s Ardh is an emotional watch. Following a man struggling to make ends meet in a market that only asks more of people, Yadav’s Shiva Kumar does everything to support his family while trying to make something of his career. of actor. In the meantime, he makes a living by acting as a transexual on signals and doing odd jobs.

Ardh is funny at times but poignant most of the time. While it’s not the movie that stays with you forever, while it’s on the go, it has its moments. The film is about the hundreds of people who come to Mumbai and dare to dream. There’s a lot of heart behind Shiva, who’s desperate enough to beg on the streets but hopeful enough to audition in between. As Shiva walks through her life and shows us her situations, it becomes clear that the film is trying to seduce us with her emotions rather than her story.

Either way, the movie does its best to show the darker sides of show business and life in general. The levels people have to go to in order to live in this complicated world. And it’s true – the working class, those who don’t have wealthy parents and washboard abs, have to go the extra mile, and even more, to step into the same playing field as the wealthy. .

However, Ardh steps it up a notch with the cruelty Shiva experiences just for daring to live and dream in Mumbai. The film, instead of advancing the narrative, shows us the same things over and over for most of its runtime. It makes you want Shiva to succeed in life, but it seems very bland after the first few times. Also, when we jump from one subplot to another, the transition is shocking and feels out of place, like a whiplash. Moreover, there are practically no subtleties that we have to think about, everything is very visible.

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Rajpal Yadav has been in Bollywood for as long as we can remember. So, his acting skills are not something we can really discuss. And his role in this movie feels almost personal, so he fits in perfectly. Rubina Dilaik, however, a familiar face to little face, feels out of place in her role and seems unsure of what she’s doing. Her relationship with Shiva is sweet and humbling, but aside from acting as supportive wife, she doesn’t do much else.

The movie tries to present several real-life situations and circumstances including inflation, lack of jobs, nepotism, drama versus mainstream movies, covid and literally many other things. At 83 minutes, it’s a little hard to handle and so the movie doesn’t even try to go overboard in anything. It’s good too – Ardh is not a film that tries to make a statement about all of these things. He just wants to talk about the life of a mango person who dares to dream and he does that job quite well.

Summary: Ardh


In the end, it is a film about Shiva, his dreams, his hopes and his aspirations. It just tries to tell the story of those who aren’t torn and live in huge mansions with 10 cars. And as a straightforward film, it does that well and manages to captivate its audience with its simplicity. In the end, you might surprise yourself with a heavy heart.

Ardh is streaming on Zee5.

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