Rasta Rocket, the film that popularized the bobsleigh


Jamaica will face three bobsled teams at the Beijing Olympics in 2022 (February 4-20). The opportunity for fans to talk about the film Rasta Rockett which highlighted this specialty.

“Follow the Ice Cream Man!” We will talk about the Caribbean island. Competing in four-man, two-man, one-woman and possibly two-man (the Jamaican crew narrowly missing out on qualifying, they have first alternate status), one should often refer to the film released in 1993 .

The film, directed by John Turteltape, is inspired by Jamaica’s participation in the bobsleigh events at the 1988 Winter Olympics. In Calgary (Canada), the island made Winter Olympic history in participating for the first time in the events of the discipline. , in two-man bobsleigh (30 years old) and in four-man bobsleigh (retirement).

This film was a real success. The adventures of Sanka Coffey and her friends, coached by Irving Blitzer – double Olympic bobsleigh champion at the 1964 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck and Grenoble in 1968, but disqualified at the following games in Sapporo in 1972 because of his bobsleigh to go faster – have been watched by millions around the world and reviewed regularly.

Between Sanka’s lucky egg, songs (balance man, rhythm man, ice cream tracking, he’s a pop man!) and collector’s lines (“Sanka, are you dead?”), Rasta Rocket is become mythical and always looks at itself with jubilation.

This also allowed the greatest number of people to take a little more interest and to highlight the communal luge.

Since then, the country has participated in the Olympic Games several times, in men’s and women’s bobsleigh. And there is no doubt that this year, we should quickly talk about Rasta Rockett.


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