Relaxing rhythm game Onde will launch on iOS in 2022


Indie publisher Mixtvision and developer Lance today announced their new project, Onde. Revealed alongside a variety of other experimental indie titles during Steam’s “Next Fest,” Onde is set to launch on PC next month, with an iOS and Nintendo Switch launch slated for later this year.

Onde is both a puzzle-platformer and a relaxing rhythm game. Using only its extremely gorgeous visuals and beautiful original soundtrack, it will tell an intricate story as you adventure through various abstract and colorful destinations. By creating waves, players will follow fleeting paths through these beautiful worlds that range from dark underground caverns to bright outer space. In each new area, players will be introduced to new mechanics that expand on the core gameplay of creating surf waves made of sound and light.

Although not specifically designed as a mental health or meditation app, Onde is meant to be a peaceful game that will help you forget the affairs of everyday life and immerse yourself in a world akin to painting, with an equally relaxing soundtrack to back that up. . The simple yet clever game mechanics with slowly increasing difficulty will keep the game engaging, but also take the worry out of getting your next high score or speed record. It’s a title you’ll want to relax into after a stressful day, a game to resonate with and simply play to be part of the beautiful ride.

Interestingly enough, Onde actually started out as a small project done at the Global Game Jam 2017 event held in France, where the developers first met and delved into the core mechanics of the game, surfing and creating waves of sound. Due to its striking art style, the title has attracted a lot of attention at various PAX events and has been shortlisted for awards and festivals like IndieCade, Arte Creative Award at Indie Game Contest 2017 or Indie Prize London 2018.

Unfortunately, the title’s iOS release date is still unclear, only scheduled for a “late 2022” period. However, given the visuals, not to mention the wonderfully relaxing gameplay, it seems worth the wait. To follow Onde, give its Twitter or Facebook have a look and stay tuned for that release date!

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