Relentless Hope Comes Through Their New Music Video “Still King”


EDiscover the true essence of the gospel with the duo Relentless Hope. This couple is determined to show the world the power of gospel music. With their deep writing and intense music, they captured the hearts of listeners. The thematic flow of the songs helped them grab the attention of the audience. The independent artist differentiates them from the rest by presenting groovy and catchy soundtracks. Not only are their songs entertaining, but they are true to their characteristics. Through their songs, they want to convey to the world the message to keep faith in God. Their soundscapes are wholesome in every way. By their diverse appearance, they come back to the public in a different way each time.

The Florida-based gospel duo recently released a music video, named still king. The music video contains an unfathomable song. The song is filled with rich lyricism and catchy music. This song has created a buzz among all music lovers. Their caliber of producing songs like this has helped them build a big fan base. The exemplary performance of this music video caught the attention of the audience. Along with the rhythmic song, their rapid movements also took center stage. Not only is the song uplifting but also refreshing. Just because it’s gospel, it’s not the mainstream genre. It’s unlike any other song; their mode of presentation made it unique. With the song, they spread their charm and musical aura in the industry. This talented duo works independently.

The prowess of the artistic duo progresses slowly and steadily in their musical career. With each hit song, they reach more people with them. before the song “Always King” they gave quite a few songs which acquired listeners all over the world are, ‘Harvest Time’ and ‘Bass Hit’. All their songs are available on Youtube, visit their channel, subscribe and listen to their songs. To follow Relentless Hope to instagram, Facebookand Twitter to learn more about their upcoming projects.

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