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Review by Maria Glover for MPM

Where to start with this album. I knew I would like that. I knew it would be awesome. But even then, I’m stunned by this impressive (and deeply and undeniably addictive) album from Liverpool’s brightest young stars, Revival Black.

While many may have heard of vocalist Dan Byrne’s remarkable vocal talents, his bandmates are lesser known and lesser known, and with that in mind, what’s perhaps more surprising to me is how point the band is tight and smooth throughout this album of killer tracks.

The instrumental and lyrical raise the bar for anyone who even wants to consider the New Wave banner. It’s more than a powerful vocal with a backing band, but a meeting of bright young talent that adds a dynamism that can hopefully push the classic rock/hard rock sound forward and help rekindle a certain passion for the genre.

The album starts out strong, from the irresistible riff and smooth, velvety vocals of “Believe” to the sleazy, irrepressible southern twang of “Take You Out.” ‘See You Again’ however, for me is perfection. A super cool, funky groove covered in soulful, passionate vocals, a huge bassline and incredible sideways shredding.

Seamless production sounds amazing through headphones and the song comes to life. The immensely powerful ‘Broken Home’ sets the bar higher than most could reach, glowing with intensity and inspiring a great depth of excitement as you realize just how good this album is.

Perhaps my track from the album (I can’t choose between 2) ‘Hemispheres’ features a stunning vocal performance by Byrne, following an acoustic, emotional and powerful opening with a heavy-blues feel. The song is so atmospheric and thoughtful that it gives goosebumps upon goosebumps.

There is simply stunning guitar work that both mesmerizes and invigorates. Wow. I struggled to speak for a good 5 minutes!

If you’ve ever heard Revival Black, you’ll instantly recognize the dirty riffs and crisp, clear vocals of ‘Under Fire’, and ‘Left of Me’ has even more blues-style flavor and fervor with smooth, soulful vocals in it. head. Now I never want this album to end.

‘Change My Mind’ is a rollercoaster of emotions, and ‘Wrong Side’s dynamic beat and vocals so evocative it hits you.

The seductive vocals of ‘Hurricane’ draw me in and the song builds into a climactic chorus, the band beautifully fleshing out the track into a rocker full of wall balls. Rich in intricacy and intricacy, it’s another favorite of mine and blows my mind with every play. Change of pace and breathless lyrics leave me wanting and expecting more and it doesn’t disappoint. That’s how you close a boys and girls album. Gorgeous.

Filled with lush harmonies and poignant lyrics, embroidered with killer hooks and dirty riffs, a tapestry of silky, sultry vocals, this album doesn’t have the word “filler” in its vocabulary. This only confirms the rumors of greatness.


Notable tracks: Hurricane, Hemispheres

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Revival Black are: Dan Byrne – Lead Vocals, Alan Rimmer – Lead Guitar/Rhythm Guitar, Adam Kerbache – Rhythm Guitar/Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals, Jamie Hayward – Bass/Backing Vocals, Ash Janes – Drums/Backing Vocals


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