Shubham Bhalla also known as Shuboi Music, an up-and-coming hip-hop artist is here to amaze you


If music is an art, there’s a new expert artist in town. His name is Shubham Bhalla. He is a phenomenal emerging artist expert in the rap and hip-hop genre whose songs have been doing the rounds on social media lately!

Shubham Bhalla is known to be the artist of the moment. Hip-Hop culture is known to be always in trend since its inception and is always the best in the minds of young people and music lovers. Meet Shuboi, the super talented, tattooed Indian artist from the Haryana region who is thriving in pop culture. The personality he carries is rare and he stands out from the crowd within his community. The way Shuboi constitutes Hip-hop trends, no other recent artist can beat that. Breaking away from the routine of the 9-5 job, sowing the seeds of partial music and finally heading into music video production, Shuboi has made his way and is now the king of many hearts. He has made a name for himself in music, especially in the hip-hop industry on his own. This has helped him attract followers on his social media and mark his space in the hearts of many.

Shubham Bhalla also known as Shuboi Music, an up and coming hip hop talent to watch in the Indian music scene. Shuboi started his television career as a dancer in Dance India Dance Season 6, Dance plus Season 2 and Many More Reality shows. Passionate about dance and music from an early age, he found his mentor in the popular Indian rapper Raftaar, who has guided him since the age of 16.

The rapper has released many original singles and now he’s back with his own music production company Shuboi Production House…

He got thousands of listeners in a very short time. The electro rhythms, mixed with the eccentric trap rhythms, brought together by the R&B riffs of his productions, dazzled the listeners. Moreover, the flow of the rap lyrics with his captivating voice is something that grabs your full attention. Who would have thought that a child who only took music lessons within the four walls of his home, could one day attract the attention of the world? His YouTube videos have gotten millions of views. And more than 200,000 subscribers he had on his social networks.

Open to the overwhelming response garnered by his Every Track. Shuboi Music has its own fanbase. He also revealed the struggle he went through.

Shubham Bhalla comes from a small town of Karnal in Haryana and as we know, people in small towns often have conservative minds. Shubham has faced a few issues regarding his music career. He made this track at home during his difficult time, and he really wanted to record it but he couldn’t due to lack of resources.

He continuously made his struggle, which is why he is successful in his career.

Beside that, he is also a stock trader, runs his own company Stock Trading Pt. Ltd. . . . It is a trading base company.

Message he wants to give to his fans and to future artists?

Shubham said, “All of my fans and everyone else, I would like to say thank you so much for the love you have given me since day one. I am so grateful for the response and support I receive ahead of every release. And it’s all so authentic and that’s important for an artist, because we always respect the authentic love and the response that we get from you and that’s something that I get from the very beginning.

And for future artists, I’d like to say just be yourself because that matters and that’s all you can show the world, and just make music and keep going. In short, never be overconfident, keep learning and exploring as it will help you achieve many things in life.

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