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January 24, 2022


All creatures big and small! The success of 2016 To sing, the animated feature film from Illumination Entertainment, was well received, with audiences (young and old) captivated by this cartoon musical extravaganza which focused on covers of songs by famous artists from yesterday and today, while telling a cute and heartwarming story of those who find their voice in music. Now, years later, it’s time to “dream big dreams” again with the release of Sing 2. It might not have the exact same polish as the original, but it’s still an eye-catching and visually entertaining sequel to check out.

This iteration finds optimistic theater owner Buster Moon looking for his next “big break”; rounding up all of his musically talented friends as they hit the road and head to Redshore City, a thriving metropolis where all the big stars and hit performances are showcased. There, Buster strikes a deal with top producer and talent/media mogul, Jimmy Crystal, which gives the band their chance to open a brand new show, with famed music star Clay Calloway attached to the project. However, Calloway has been reclusive for years, and it’s up to Buster and his friends to persuade him to return to the stage once again, as they overcome their own personal challenges and obstacles along the way.

Garth Jennings returns to the director’s chair for this sequel, which delivers a familiar production that knows what it’s all about from the start and is certainly fun throughout. In truth, Sing 2 is a lot of fun, with lots of humorous bits that will keep viewers laughing, while finding heart in its cartoon characters. The story is simple and still quite easy to digest; Jennings knows what audiences want to see and delivers it with more grandeur and visual spectacle in spades. The animation is terrific, with vibrant, vibrant colors in nearly every scene (even complex background settings are detailed in expressive detail). Of course, the songs are another big selling point, and like the film’s predecessor, they’re all fun and keep listeners pumped throughout.

Where the film lags is in its originality, somewhat recycling similar scenes and ideas from the original and giving a sense of deja vu in a few parts (including the grand musical finale). It’s all familiar and working for the feature film’s music presentation, but the film is played a little too safely, making it more of a “comfort watch” than something bolder with more originality.

Naturally, the voice talents involved are terrific and full of cartoon energy to bring the film’s various actors to life in such a dynamic way. Many stars from the previous version return to reprise their roles, including McConaughey, Witherspoon, Kelly, Kroll, and Egerton. In addition, Sing 2 lets newcomers into the mix, with the likes of U2’s Bobby Cannavale, Letitia Wright, Halsey and Bono making their personal mark on the sequel alongside the colorful characters they portray. The voice work is again solid across the board, with the only disappointing part being that some characters on the roster have more time to shine than others, with some ideas feeling undercut while others are overloaded.

Overall, this animated sequel is what one would expect, and while it doesn’t reinvent itself in this second outing, the film still finds its lyrical rhythm of vibrant animation, solid voice work, and upbeat music for a fun and entertaining viewing experience for all. age. Short answer: those who liked the first film will like Sing 2.

Jason Kerin

Sing 2 airs nationwide on the 28thand January 2022.

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