Singer-songwriter Jimmy Climbs brings “neon pop” to the Albuquerque music scene

Singer-songwriter Jimmy Climbs is becoming a rising star in the Albuquerque music scene with his “neon pop” sound. (Courtesy of James Owen)

Singer-songwriter Jimmy Climbs categorizes his music as “neon pop”. Her style is crisp, eye-catching and sure to create a buzz.

“All the singles I’ve released…most of them hold pretty high energy,” Climbs said.

In February 2020, the musician left his hometown of San Diego to come to Albuquerque. Climbs said he sang most of his life and had a musical background, but also grew up around graphic design, photography and videography, which helped spread his prowess artistic. He eventually started performing stand-up comedy at open-mic nights in downtown San Diego.

Then the pandemic hit and hijacked his aspirations.

When he arrived in Albuquerque he returned to his musical education and began writing and producing tracks. He started by sharing covers for a year before releasing his first single.

Climbs said of the process, “I wanted to prove that this thing is really accessible. A lot of people get caught up in the tools…you just need the story and know how to tell a story.

Additionally, he helped form Monsoon Music House, a collective in Albuquerque that helps musicians network. The group not only allows musicians to collaborate on songs, but offers support in other industry-related aspects, such as marketing, video production, and social media browsing.

“We’re trying to…maintain but also cultivate that culture,” Climbs said of the city’s music scene. “These days you wear so many different hats, and I feel like if you don’t accept that…it’s tricky.”

Albuquerque’s music scene is in luck with the addition of Climbs. His instant support for other artists is admirable, but his sound and style also elevates the city’s rock and pop landscape.

Climbs started releasing singles last year. He now has six songs available to stream, and each one is as melodious as the next. Falling into the realms of indie pop and soft rock – if “neon pop” needed juxtaposition – Climbs produces tracks that are infectious, allowing listeners to groove to the beat.

The catchy character is also complemented by beautiful lyrics, ranging from relationships to opinions on society, including his latest release “Good Daze,” in which he sings, “The world is on fire, but the heat is unbelievable.”

Climbs’ first full-length album will be released on October 3, a collection he considers “very introspective”.

“It’s a delicate balance,” Climbs said of its music and message. “It’s the evolution of finding my place. I’m excited.”

He and his bandmates are set to headline an album release party on Saturday, October 1 at Insideout. He is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, and will be joined by lead guitarist and background vocalist Myles Chavez, bassist Abel Gonzalez and drummer Luke Seelau.

The band is ready to deliver high-energy rock ‘n’ roll to audiences as they perform the album live.

“I still value a good live show, probably more than anything,” Climbs said of what’s most important in the modern exposition. “Are we putting on a fucking good show?” Do we offer an experience? Yeah, I’d love to say we do.


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