Sixtar Gate: Rhythm Game STARTRAIL Launched in Early Access


Sixtar gate: STARTRAIL is an upcoming rhythm game from publisher CFK and developers Lyrebird Studio and Magical Works, and it’s officially available on PC through Steam in Early access form. This version is now available for $ 14.99 with 15 licensed songs and five original songs, with the full version promising around 40 songs, an adventure mode, and other features. The full version will also be available on Switch.

As for the trial period, they estimate Sixtar gate will be in early access for approximately three to six months. Check out a trailer below.

Some of the music includes:

    • With songs by artists that any fan of rhythm games would recognize, including Life is PIANO, Brain Power, and CO5M1C R4ILR0AD.
    • We have also included original songs from artists like Sound Souler, KARUT and yomoha which can only be heard in Sixtar gate: STARTRAIL.
    • In the future, we plan to introduce new pieces of well-known franchises like VOCALOID and Touhou Project that players would not easily find in other rhythm games.

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