Sweet Sins Superstars Animated Rhythm Game Releases Today


Sweet Sin Superstars from Platonic Games is a rhythm game with anime-inspired visuals that is available on iOS and Android today.

In Sweet Sins Superstars, you battle enemies to the beat of the musical track while playing as different characters. You upgrade their special skills, collect powerful Miimo pets and defeat powerful enemies. There are many different musical universes to discover, each covering a different musical genre, including J-Pop, K-Pop, rock, electro swing, EDM and house.

Gameplay is simple and intuitive, as you simply tap left and right to battle enemies to the repetitive beat of the music track playing in the background. On top of that, if you find it too easy or too difficult, there are several difficulty levels that you can fine-tune to find the right balance that works for you.

Sweet Sins Superstars is developed by Platonic Games (not to be confused with Playtonic Games), and there’s enough variety here that you shouldn’t get bored throughout its campaign. There are over 20 characters with unique skills to level up and plenty of different scenarios and bosses that will keep you engaged in its entirety.

Sweet Sins Superstars is a sequel to Platonic Games’ previous endless runner game Sweet Sins. The Spanish indie studio has also launched mobile titles like Sailor Cats, Monkey Roll, and Kawaii Kitchen, games that all use a similar cute anime art style. If you’re a fan of anime, cute things, or rhythm games, it might be worth checking out Sweet Sins Superstars and the rest of Platonic’s library.

You can download Sweet Sins Superstars for free from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android.

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