TAN makes us think we’re dreaming when we hear their music


We knew we would love the next version of TAN, and we were absolutely right. We’ve been enjoying the band since their debut in March 2022 and are impressed every time they release new music.

The boys have been busy throughout the year, with comebacks left and right. Incredible, isn’t it? They work so hard, and their talent levels? Off the charts! Idols surprise each time with unexpected and different concepts, eating them like candy. Well, here’s another treat they gave us, TAN’s latest hit single album DREAM & DEURIM! It has two leads, and we’ll talk about both of them here!

‘Pretty lie’

It’s trendy, it’s fresh, and it’s what you need to smile all week long! We’re moving with the beat, and we’re not sorry! You should join us to enjoy this group a little more! We’re not just talking about their current comeback. Enjoy them, TAN, and all their tracks: old, recent and future. We think they’ll continue to give us great sounds, and we’re here for it!

Now let’s talk about the music video! It has this fun, bright vibe to match the melody and lyrics. What more could you ask for when they already have it covered? And have you seen their choreography? We might just search for the live performances because it’s a dance we’d want to keep seeing (maybe even learn, who knows).

“Our Youth”

The album’s B-side is a ballad with a sweet sound and message. We don’t need to understand Korean to be moved and feel the warmth emanating from this track. And some members were involved in creating this lovely piece, so what’s not to love about it?

Are you streaming TAN’s single album DREAM & DEURIM already? If not, what are you waiting for? What song is your favorite? Tweet us on @TheHoneyPopor come find us on Facebook and instagram.

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