Tetris Beat is a Tetris rhythm game with masterful beats now on Apple Arcade


Tetris Beat is now available on Apple Arcade, allowing players to enjoy classic Tetris gameplay while shaking their heads to the beat. N3TWORK’s rhythm game features exclusive music from trending artists and industry favorites like Alison Wonderland, GARZA (of Thievery Corporation), Hannah Diamond, Octo Octa, Dauwd, CINTHIE, and more. With 18 exclusive songs at launch, the game will add new beats every month to keep players on their toes, whether they are dance and hip-hop fans or pop fans.

“Tetris has always been an inclusive game, regardless of origin, language, gender or age, it is enjoyed by everyone. In fact, one of our slogans at Tetris is “We all play together”. says Maya Rogers, CEO of Tetris. “The seven Tetriminos represent all the colors of the rainbow, and we love how the music in Tetris Beat has been curated with that in mind.”

In Tetris Beat, you can choose from three modes: Drop mode combines Tetris and rhythm gameplay where you’ll have to rotate and drop Tetriminos and synchronize your actions with the beat to earn bigger scores. In Tap mode, players can focus on the beat in a more relaxed environment. And finally, Marathon mode lets you enjoy classic Tetris while customizing your own soundtrack.

“We collaborated individually with each artist on everything from their song structure to colors and visual themes to merge their personality with the gameplay of Tetris Beat. This level of partnership is unprecedented and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with the Apple Arcade audience.” says Lawrence Clark, executive producer of Tetris Beat.

Meanwhile, according to Kathee Chimowitz, Strategic Partnerships at N3TWORK, “When selecting artists for Tetris Beat, we wanted to create as diverse a lineup as possible, showcasing not only a variety of different musical genres, but also underrepresented genders and ethnicities.”

Tetris Beat is available now on Apple Arcade’s subscription service for $4.99 per month. Check out our top 10 best Apple Arcade games for more!


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