The best 1980s movie soundtracks


The most important words on the “Flashdance” poster (not “Flashdance”) are “What a feeling”, followed by “Take your passion and make it happen”. But these aren’t just slogans imagined by the marketing department, rather they are passionate lyrics crafted by Keith Forsey and the singer who brought them to life, Irene Cara, with the backing music of the prolific Giorgio Moroder. This song, “Flashdance … What a Feeling”, was the main theme of Adrian Lyne’s hit 1983 film about a daytime welder (Jennifer Beals) with an extracurricular passion for dancing. It also went on to become an anthem beyond the movie, winning an Oscar for Best Original Song.

Cara also sang the Oscar-winning theme for “Fame,” and she said in an interview in 2018 that she was chosen because the producers “wanted a key element of“ Fame ”in“ Flashdance. ”It worked. , as the song lasted 6 weeks at No. 1, and she would also win two Grammys herself, including Best Pop Vocal Performance.

The other # 1 hit from that soundtrack, “Maniac” by Michael Sembello and Dennis Matkosky, also received an Oscar nomination, and the duo won a Grammy. Oddly enough, the song was inspired by serial killer John Wayne Gacy, and originally had darker lyrics, but these were toned down when “Flashdance” music supervisor Phil Ramone approached the duo for it. ‘use for the film (contrary to rumors, the song was not originally written for the William Lustig film “Maniac”, although the duo watched this film for inspiration).

When the film became an unexpected success, record stores were caught off guard; the label had to scramble to fill orders and quickly rushed to music videos using scenes from the film. Also featuring flashy and dancing works by Laura Branigan, Donna Summer and Kim Carnes, the “Flashdance” soundtrack would spend two weeks at No.1 and has sold over 20 million copies worldwide to date. .

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