The Magi will come out TIMINGooo! Rhythm game for Switch in November


Magi has revealed that there will be a rhythm game titled TIMINBouh! digitally for Nintendo Switch in November 2021. The Nintendo store indicated that this game will support English in addition to Japanese.

TIMINBouh! will tell a comedic story about a protagonist who falls to hell because of a small mistake. The Hell’s King Enma will judge based on the person’s sense of rhythm. The protagonist will have to train in five different hell worlds before challenging King Enma in a rhythm match to get his forgiveness.

This rhythm game will consist of about fifteen stages. Players only need to use the A and B buttons while correctly timing the presses with the music. After completing a stage, the player will receive a stamp based on their performance level.

While Mages is known for his Science Adventure visual novels like Chaos; Head and Steins; Gate, he will go out HOURLYooo! like his very first rhythmic track. This game will have many references to the well-known titles of the company. Takeshi Abo, the composer who worked on the Science Adventure series, will come up with new tracks for this game. It will also feature Gerokaerun and Upa, the respective mascots of Chaos; Head and Steins; Gate, in certain stages of the game.

Mages coming rhythm game, TIMINBouh!, will be available digitally on Nintendo Switch on November 11, 2021.

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