The most iconic moments from the Disney movies of the 90s


Since Disney is known for its love stories, there are many times to choose from when introducing the “Disney” method of wooing a princess. You can keep them in a cell, like the Beast did in “Beauty and the Beast”. You can kiss their corpse, like in “Snow White”. Or rub your nose like Simba did with Nala in “The Lion King”.

When it comes to courting, the main character of 1992’s “Aladdin” appears to be at a serious disadvantage. Aladdin was an ordinary street kid who didn’t even have the resources to meet Princess Jasmine, let alone try to woo her. Fortunately, thanks to his adventures in a magical cave, Aladdin got his hands on a wish-granting genius and a flying carpet that allowed him to show great creativity throughout the seduction process.

As a result, Aladdin and Jasmine embarked on the most romantic first date in Disney history. The two lovebirds flew over the city of Agrabah on Ali’s magic carpet, singing “A Whole New World” to each other. Sure, it’s hard to believe they didn’t accidentally swallow a bunch of bugs while flying at high speed without a windshield, but the footage remains an iconic ’90s moment and one of the most memorials of the whole movie.


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