The puppets rejoice during a music-themed show – NBC Los Angeles


What there is to know

  • Bob Baker Puppet Theater in Highland Park
  • Until April 16, 2022
  • $20

Spring is in the wind, and so are the sounds of spring, from the rustle of new leaves, to the rustle of various streams, to crossed fingers and talons, to the chirping of newborn eagle chicks.

There is a musicality to the march, a vibe, rhythm and buzz that emits easily and effervescently from the natural world. And sometimes? The humans add a chorus, a few notes, and a sunny beat of their own.

And when we say “human” we mean “puppets”, of course, those string puppets that can look almost human while indulging in all their adorable antics.

the Bob Baker Puppet Theater has long greeted the new seasons with great joy, and in 2022 hope, joy, and musical joy are high.

For “It’s a musical world” is now on stage at the Highland Park performance space, a vintage venue as adorable and atmospheric as the playfully prancing puppets there.

The “… driving repertoire of symphonic surprises” includes “self-scratching guitars”, one of the highlights of the show as well as a “parade of jubilant drums”.

Add to the charm?

Younger viewers have the opportunity to sit “criss-crossed with applesauce” and closer to the puppets, meaning they are more connected to the spirit and energy of the show.

It’s not that unusual for puppets to dance up to a child, creating a lasting, laugh-filled memory.

The theater will soon celebrate its 60th anniversary, making it a true multigenerational gem. Find out more about this sweet-sounding show and step into a month of music now.


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