The URLA unveils a magnificent artistic installation, the tree of lights

Chandan Sojitra

The newest downtown hotspot has added an impressive art installation, which will take center stage at the site. The Tree of Lights is an overgrown juniper bonsai that has been redesigned and infused with light. Created by the expert team of artists and engineers at San Francisco-based Color+Light, the incredible tree stands 18 feet tall and 20 feet wide, with a base measuring 6 feet. One of the few examples of similar creations in the world, from Burning Man to Urla, the Tree of Lights is the first of its kind in Dubai.

Pushing the boundaries of art and technology, by day URLA customers will see a towering but sleeping bonsai, but at night the tree comes to life. Inside its leaves are a total of over 11,000 individually addressable color LEDs. Each of its 1,000 leaves will spin a myriad of ever-swirling colors and respond to sound and rhythm. The leaves change with a million different rhythms and pitch frequencies, promising a mesmerizing performance for diners.

The tree lighting content is inspired by nature and the environment, providing guests with a different light show each evening, unique to URLA.

Perfectly suited to the contemporary Aegean restaurant, URLA’s Tree of Lights skillfully combines nature and technology, matching the restaurant’s energy and high-octane glamor. The tree, like the restaurant, is a unique offering, both familiar and unexpected. Sip cocktails under the glittering Burj Khalifa, watching the swirling lights and colors of the URLA Tree of Lights captivate and delight diners. An endlessly fascinating work of art, the Tree of Lights will light up the evenings, as guests feast on a fascinating blend of coastal cuisine from the coasts of Spain, Greece and northern Turkey.

Color+Light artists and engineers were inspired by bonsai to create this one-of-a-kind piece. Symbolizing harmony and peace, bonsai is known to bring joy to friends and family when given as a gift. A symbol of peace and harmony, the URLA Tree of Lights is sure to bring joy to all who see it.


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