Things That Happen In Every View Movie Askewniverse


Some actors reappear throughout the View Askewniverse in multiple roles, but Jay and Silent Bob are always played by Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith. We first meet them as simple drug dealers peddling their wares outside of Quick Stop in “Clerks.” Next time we see them, they’re in the local “Mallrats” mall, hanging out outside a pet store and the occasional treat, but mostly trying to help out their Brodie and TS pals whenever they can. They only have one scene in “Chasing Amy,” but it’s a pivotal moment for the film and its main character.

In “Dogma”, the pair are on a mission from God to help stop fallen angels from entering a church and denying all existence (although in reality they just hope to have sex with the protagonist, played by Linda Fiorentino). “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” is their film: they take us back through the View Askewniverse visiting some of our favorite characters, before embarking on an all-new adventure to stop Hollywood from making a movie based on them. (type of). With “Clerks II”, they are back with Dante and Randal, hanging in front of their workplace.

They star again in “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot,” where they have to stop Hollywood from rebooting a movie about them (sort of). Ultimately, it’s just not a View Askew movie without the dynamic duo of Jay and his hetero-pal Silent Bob.


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