“Time Gates The Intuitive Art of Santo Cervello” Volume V


SOLVANG, Calif., Nov. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The five volumes of Santo Cervello’s “Time Gates” contain nearly seven hundred fine art images that are now on display and are curated and promoted for viewing. Volume V is the last in the series and will be available soon.

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About the author and the artist

Santo Cervello has worked as an actor-director and writer-producer in the Canadian Theater presenting innovative and transformative dramas that have touched millions of people in Canada, the United States and Great Britain.

He has written plays for CBC and BBC radios. He has written and produced a television series for Singapore Television and has performed at Carnegie Recital Hall in New York City. In 1972, Mr. Cervello established the Erewhon Theater which aroused passions and created dynamic trends in Canadian theater until 2011. Together with his wife Grace, they now live in California and are currently working on the upcoming “Time Gates” – Volume III and IV.

Time Gates Volume V Forward By Grace Lebecka

The rich colorful tapestry of Santo’s images and the vast panorama of the backgrounds lead the viewer in the footsteps of another Time Gate. By viewing the images, we enter a pulsating inner universe with a particular rhythm and vibration.

Sometimes we hear a song or feel a field of musical sensations reverberating through the spheres. Transformation takes place when we allow ourselves to go further, passing each door within a door, the doors opening to infinity revealing the depths, vastness and richness of these inner worlds. .

It was a clear and sunny Saturday morning, the light coming from the windows was shining and the entire floor where Santo’s art was displayed seemed to shine and smile. I had seen these images before, but now my perception was different. Images that I considered “dark” or “disturbing” seemed to have undergone a transformation, losing their negative undertone.

As an artist, Santo opens volumes of doors through portals. Each page we turn guides us on a timeless journey. All the characters are important and need to appear. The fantastic props, sets, costumes and sets must be seen for the audience to see. This motif becomes the thread that is woven through each of its volumes. Hell, deception, hunger as well as quiet beauty, it all happens and exists alongside each other with powerful sounds of ancient prayers and chanting.

The great Chinese teacher T’ien-t’ai talks about three thousand existing kingdoms, in a single moment of life.

“The Silent Organ Pipes Playing”, is the image that ends our series but the art will always be alive and an artist arises in response to the needs of the time.

Welcome to Volume V. Special thanks to Palmetto Publishing for their wonderful work.

Distribution of art books by Ingram Sparks. Through our global distribution network “Time Gates, The Intuitive Art of Santo Cervello”, Volumes I and II are now available for 40,000 retailers and can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and more.



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