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Even in today’s age of heavy, cinematically loaded triple-A video games, few are as ripe for screen adaptation as Unexplored – or, indeed, one of the most recent titles in developer’s vast library Naughty Dog. (We get a HBO series version of The last of us, featuring Pierre Pascal and Bella ramsay, soon enough.) They took an interesting route with the action-adventure game’s movie remake, however, with Tom holland presented as a significantly younger and fresh version of series protagonist Nathan Drake, joined by Marky-Mark Wahlberg as a ‘Sully’ Sullivan mentor.

In their latest issue, which presents Unexplored on cover, magazine Total movie posted a handful of images of the upcoming tentpole – and they’re about as exotic as one would expect from a gripping, cartographic adventure film.


In one, Holland’s Drake stands questioningly in what appears to be a very spooky cave, holding a torch of fire in front of an invisible object just off-screen. (They wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise!) Joining him is a co-star Sophie ali, who slips into the muddy boots of series regular Chloe Frazer, another professional treasure hunter. The second gives Drake a Tony Stark playboy shine, putting him behind the wheel of a sky-high speedboat in a tight and equally expensive white shirt. Signal this song from The Lonely Island, which we immediately started humming.

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Image via Sony

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Holland was instrumental in getting the project off the ground, which has languished in development hell for years, Total Film reports. He even had a role to play in the search for the director. Ruben Fleischer:

“A part of [the directors] happened and we got some ideas that we didn’t like, that just didn’t fit the characters, and we had to move on to other people. We were inspired by everyone. There were very different variations of Drake, and very different variations of Sully. Some people preferred to create the game, others wanted to make it completely different from the game. It was an interesting process – a process that I wouldn’t like to be in again. It’s quite stressful looking for a director. “

Fleischer is best known for leading two other Sony projects: 2018 Venom, and 2019 Zombieland: double tap. In his own conversation with Total Film, he says the landing in the director’s chair for the Holland-led swashbuckler was at least in part due to his long-standing relationship with the studio. Principal photography began in mid-March 2020. “I was shooting all cylinders from a production standpoint,” the director notes. “I was just really in the rhythm of making movies.”

Check out these new exclusive images below. Unexplored is scheduled to open in theaters on February 11.

Image via Sony

Image via Sony

uncharted-movie-social Tom Holland
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