TOP 10 art installations of 2021


fantastic plastic ‘s ‘#stayout’ is a performative art installation in Berlin that reflects and questions our habits as individuals in public. the artistic performance took place from august 6 to 8 in front of the haus der statistik in berlin, featuring seven pneumatic structures inhabited by seven artists. inside bubbles, the behavior of the performers oscillates between the repetition of their obsessions and the desire to break the rhythm of the routine.

image courtesy of studio echelman

american artist Janet Echelman ‘This large-scale ethereal facility is nicknamed “earthtime 1.26 munich”. the artist worked with mercedes benz as part of the 2021 International Motor Show (IAA Mobilité 2021) to transform the odeonsplatz in munich into a place of living art. the floating sculpture is created entirely from recyclable fibers and measures 79 by 69 feet (24 by 21 meters). symbol of the dynamic nature of our ecosystem, work is constantly changing due to natural forces.

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GRAY gallery has revealed “the soul of water”, 2020, a new in situ installation by an internationally renowned artist jaume plensa. the white resin head rises 24 feet above the park at newport pier, across from downtown manhattan and marks the artist’s tallest public sculpture to date (for comparison, the Statue of Liberty measures 150 feet / 46 meters from the top of the base to its torch).

TOP 10 art installations of 2021image courtesy of florentijn hofman

artist florentijn hofman ‘s colossal, vibrant and inflatable “City Cocoon” is located among the Gothic architecture of Schiedam, the Netherlands. officially nicknamed by its translation “stadscocon”, the habitable installation completely transforms the elevated space with its skeletal stone columns – the eerie and striking green shape fits perfectly into the nave of the huge church. expressing the artist’s characteristic sense of scale, the cocoon presents the viewer with a new perspective of familiar space, where the interior is seen with new eyes – while maintaining a playful and engaging sense of fun.

yuri suzuki designed a community-based, multisensory and interactive Public installation for London called ‘sonic bloom’. located in the heart of mayfair, the installation is made up of colorful horn-shaped elements that together create a magical and interactive flower. the sculpture amplifies the absorbed sounds of the environment and carries the vocal recordings of people at street level through its stems.

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in the continuity of its ethereal architecture focused sculptures, edoardo tresoldi taken in Ravenna in the presentation of “sacred”. the Public work was unveiled on the occasion of ‘a POP saga’, the third exhibition of ‘dante. the series of eyes and mind at the Museum of Art of the City of Ravenna (MAR). the installation reinvents familiar elements of classical architecture in a ghostly and ephemeral way, making reference to the “noble castles” depicted by dante in his hell.

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22 December 2021


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