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Music is the universal language of the world. Despite some cultural influences and differences, we all enjoy music in various forms and genres. No matter where you are from in the world, music is common ground for all of humanity. So it’s no surprise that music and rhythm games are incredibly popular around the world.

Music / rhythm playing is a genre that sells for millions of dollars both because of its universal appeal and because games are generally relatively easy to develop. Regardless of your age or level of gaming expertise, the simplicity of most games in the genre means you can jump right in and enjoy it, making it a favorite for parties and gatherings. There are so many to choose from, but here are 10 of the best music / rhythm games of all time – in our humble opinion anyway …

10. Parappa the rapper



From the creative mind of Masaya Matsuura, Parappa the rapper involves a cartoon animal rapper, with simple gameplay that required you to press the corresponding button at the onscreen prompt. What this game has done well though, is allowing you to improvise by adding your own additional notes in the middle of other notes. If you kept your timing and got enough notes in the song, you could dramatically improve your score and get into a zen mode where the clip became very lively and fantastic.

9. Vib tape


Another PlayStation classic, Vib tape allows you to load the game onto the PS1’s RAM, then swap the game disc for any music CD of your choice and play a course that has been tuned to the song you chose. The course was generated from the musical data, and the shape of the course changed depending on the complexity of the song.

Sure, Vib tape had a few songs preloaded so you don’t have to own a few interesting music CDs ahead of time, but the ability to use your own music was a big novelty.


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