Touch Your Music: SpaceApe Games’ Rhythm Game Is Now Available Worldwide


Beatstar – Touch Your Music is a rhythm-based free-to-play music game for mobile devices developed and published by space monkey. Space Ape has entered into a partnership with Supercell in 2017. It is a game which has the same style as the old piano tap tile games and Guitar Hero with its own settings here and there.

The game has great visuals and a good selection of songs from different genres. At the start, players are randomly given a few songs that they must complete to earn points. After reaching a certain number of points, players have the opportunity to open a box containing music discs of different song genres. Players will randomly receive a music genre which will unlock a song of that particular genre.

Beatstar – Touch Your Music Gameplay Overview

The game has mechanics similar to clash royale when it comes to the box you win. You can win up to 3 boxes and the waiting time for each box to be opened depends on the type of box. You can also speed up the process by buying gems which unlock the box faster.

Beatstar – Touch Your Music on the App Store

The game also features a level system. Players can level up by obtaining, which can be obtained by completing a song. You can get up to 5 stars from a song. There are also different levels of each song which can be unlocked by leveling up. Players can also compete with their friends.

The visuals are stunning. All songs are licensed. The difficulty is well thought out. But it can be a bit annoying to wait for the box to open, which can take a long time. You can speed up the process by using gems, but they are very expensive.

The game is currently available on Android and iOS. So don’t hesitate to check it out if you’re a fan of rhythm games!

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