Trombone Champ is my new favorite rhythm game


Discover the mystery of the Trombiverse in Trombone Champ, a hilarious new rhythm game and absolutely now one of my favorites. Come hear me destroy it. Note: personal purchase.

Released on Steam on September 16, the developer says it’s “the world’s first trombone-based rhythm music game. Unlike most music games, you can freely play any note at any time. You don’t just follow the music, you ‘actually play the music’.

I’ve come across a lot of noise about it on Twitter, including a Valve dev trying it out on Steam Deck. I thought this looked and sounded hilarious and so I just had to try this one myself with the gyroscopic controls on Steam Deck and it’s as completely ridiculous as you might think but it wouldn’t take a lot of practice to get really good at it I think.

Here is a video of me committing musical murder:

Game Features:

  • Toot your way through more than 20 tracks. The better you play, the more toots you earn!
  • Collect all 50 Paperclip cards!
  • Baboons on almost every screen!
  • Improvise and play whatever you want Free play mode!
  • Discover the secrets of the Trombiverse and become the true trombone champion!
  • Absolutely no microtransactions!
  • Playable with mouse and keyboard (recommended) or USB controllers (coming after launch)!
  • Suitable for all ages!

It works great on Steam Deck out of the box and on my Fedora Linux desktop it worked just as well with Proton 7 using mouse controls. Although for the mouse controls it is inverted by default which looked pretty terrible, but luckily in the settings it allows you to put it in normal which felt better. Overall though, I had a lot more fun with Steam Deck with Gyro than on desktop.

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