Trombone Champ is the super-slick musical rhythm game taking the internet by storm


We live in strange times. Who would have thought, for example, that the musical instrument that would make headlines in September 2022 would be the trombone?

For that, we have Holy Wow’s Trombone Champ to thank. Currently taking Steam by storm, this brassy PC rhythm game lets you “honk, blow, and whistle” through more than 20 songs, collecting “Tromboner Cards” and “uncovering the mysteries of the Trombiverse” along the way. road.

Oh, and there are baboons on almost every screen.

One of the big sells of Trombone Champ is that, unlike other rhythm games, you play notes rather than just follow the music. This means that there is also a free play mode, which we hope will be used and abused in due course.

The first person to offer a cover of the Jonny Briggs theme music (opens in a new tab)for example, will be our trombone champion forever.

In the meantime, plenty of Trombone Champ performances are making the rounds on social media, which we highly recommend checking out.

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And, of course, someone has already made a trombone controller.

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Trombone Champ is now available on Steam (opens in a new tab) priced at £11.39. It’s currently Windows only, but a Mac version is currently in development. We are told that other ports “are possible but not currently planned”.


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