Trombone Rhythm Game Takes Over The Internet Improving Every Song Known To Man


A recently released trombone rhythm game is taking the internet by storm simply because it deserves it.

First spotted by our pals at Gamer on PC (opens in a new tab) and labeled as “the world’s first trombone-based rhythm music game” – according to the game Steam page (opens in a new tab) – Trombone Champ sees players blast their way through over 20 classic tracks from hymns, marches, classics, electro, folk classics, and more. Like most rhythm games, the goal is to play the song as accurately as possible to score points, or in this case, “Tromboner Cards”.

Luckily for those without musical talent, all you need to play is a controller or a mouse and keyboard and no musical knowledge. You really have to watch a clip of Trombone Champ in action to see the appeal. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up all the best reactions we’ve seen to the game below, so you can join in on the trombone rhythm game hype as well.

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What makes Trombone Champ special, apart from being the first of its kind, is the fact that unlike most other music games, it gives players the freedom to play any note at any time – meaning you don’t just play along with the music, you play it, resulting in some hilarious renditions of some very famous songs, one of which you can see below.

Much of Trombone Champ’s charm comes from the Mii-like characters who give their all onscreen as well as callouts that pop up with every note you hit. Depending on how accurate your trombone playing is, you’ll either get a “Perfecto”, “Nice”, “Ok”, “Meh”, or maybe even a “Nasty”. Which just adds to the overall vibe of the game.

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