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Indie publisher Digerati has released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming rhythm game, A Musical Story, which is coming to iOS soon.

The trailer is part of our Pocket Gamer LaunchPad # 4 feed from last week. It shows off the interface, especially how it fits into the rhythmic gameplay, as well as showcases it alongside some of the beautiful artwork implemented in the game.

You can watch the portion of the LaunchPad stream below where James and Sophia take a look at the new trailer, then discuss their experience with rhythm games and speculation for A Musical Story.

The game is set in the 70s and is meant to be part rhythm game, part interactive art that uses the connection of music and memory as a key theme. There is no text or dialogue, that way he can tell the whole story through the soundtrack which is inspired by musical artists like Pink Floyd, Air and Led Zeppelin.

“We wanted to do something different, something that would stay in the minds of the players, both for its gameplay and its story. It took a long time to find the right formula, but this one was the most inspiring, ”said designer and co-composer Charles Bardin earlier this year.

“In most musical games there is a visual timeline showing exactly when to play the notes. Rather, we focused on creating an experience that relies on the player’s listening skills, so that they have to feel the music, understand it, progress, and unveil the story.

A Musical Story is slated to hit the iOS App Store this summer, alongside releases on PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. We’ll be sure to update you if an Android version is on the cards.

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