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VOEZ is a new Taiwanese game that is climbing the app game charts. It’s part Rock Band, part DDR, but in a karaoke setting. Simply put, VOEZ is an anime-themed rhythm game. You have to tap, hold and slide as the colored controls fall on the target line. There are only a few different moves, but the difficulty of the game increases as you progress through increasingly intense tracks. One thing that I thought was different is how the drop lines move and shift as you play the level. Unlike Rock Band where the gameplay is static, there’s something ethereal about the way the levels shift, vibrate, and expand as you play.

Making the game harder, for me at least, were the hard-to-spot white dots and the slide hold that moves the track as you play. These are the gameplay mechanics that tripped me up the most, but also make it more fun.

I was a little surprised that I not only liked this game, but was pretty good at it. Despite the club-esque dance beats (which made me feel a bit like a DJ), there’s something about the game’s rhythmic gameplay that makes it both exhilarating and relaxing. I tried the game on both my iPhone SE and my full size iPad and learned that VOEZ is much easier and more fun on a small phone.

You can enjoy unlimited playback of about 10 free songs spinning. If you like a certain level, you need to buy a “key” to unlock the song permanently. The songs range from soft pop to intense rock or techno. Song lyrics are not in English, but don’t worry, you can watch tutorials and navigate the game in four different languages, including English.


VOEZ is the second hit game from Taipei-based developer Rayark International. After their previous success with Cytus, a similarly styled rhythm game, the company is back with something different enough to not feel like a sequel, but in the same vein.

One important thing to note is that you need to be on Wi-Fi to download the game. The main app will require around 200MB of space, with each additional song taking up around another 5MB. And that’s about it. VOEZ is fun and free on iOS and Google Play. So the real question is whether you like it enough to make room on your phone.


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