VR Rhythm Game Synth Riders Coming To PSVR On July 27


VR Rhythm Game Synth Riders Coming To PSVR July 27

One of the most beloved and oldest VR games, Synth jumpers, made its way to PSVR on July 27. The game will launch with 55 free tracks and 20 purchasable tracks, including DLC ​​tracks from artists like Muse, Offspring, and more. The company said that the latest chain of DLC packs, which will be added to the PSVR version, will aim to bring more well-known artists to the game in order to improve the experience for users when they train with the rhythm dance game. . Additionally, the PSVR version of the game will launch with two different play modes: catching notes in “Rhythm Mode” and typing notes in “Strength Mode” for more intensive training.

First released on PC VR headsets in 2018, Synth jumpers gained popularity thanks to its “freestyle” dance which allowed players to move around in virtual reality. Notable additions such as orbs, catch notes, merry-go-round rails, and obstacles that players dodge and grab with their hands have made the dance game very different from its other competition. Synth jumpers to attract attention. The game also features music from different genres like electro, swing, EDM, and punk rock, which allows the game to reach all types of players no matter what style of music they are playing. prefer.

Now, since its initial launch, Kludge Interactive has added, improved and developed several features of the game, including multiplayer game modes, fitness-focused soundtracks, and cross-collaborations with other rhythm games. That being said, the new version PSVR is already proving to benefit from the last three years of content upgrades and DLC releases. The game trailer shows that this release will include major new features that include over 10 immersive environments, a “party mode”, a wide selection of modifiers and add-ons from different artists.

Synth Riders fans can also engage in a small competition to prepare for the launch of the PSVR. Kludge Interactive announced on Synth Riders blog that those who sign up to receive a one-time launch reminder will be eligible to enter a contest to win a “Complete Music Pack” DLC pack for the game on release day.


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