VRiking Rhythm Game for rock and metalhead fans is a game that kills!


Rhythm games abound in VR, and while some are arbitrary at times, there are a few basic references to the genre like Saber wonAnd acoustic shield Where pistol whip. Finding a place in the middle of these addresses is not easy and French And Anadev Just Launched Ragnarok, which can find its place at the top of musical games by RV. We tested it in its PC version (SteamVR) but also Oculus Quest (Application laboratory), this is our opinion.

Ragnarok tickles ears with a soundtrack that the young medium won’t like!

in a Ragnarok, we embark on a Viking ship and personify the person who beats the drums to give soul to our rowers. the goal? Make our team travel, which trains to the rhythm of the music, as far as possible during the song. A bit like a rock band, the notes come to us – in the form of runes here – and we have to write them with two hammers while passing over our drums. The more precise our writing and the less we lose, the faster we progress. Successful sequences – Combinations – Bring a file To reinforce It works with two shields on the side which increase movement speed.

The mechanics are very easy to understand and use in the most intuitive way possible: two hammers and an arm! However – and this is great news for a lifetime – it takes some time to master the 30 tracks which all feature three levels of difficulty, as there are streaks that require attention to be successful. Note that the more difficult it is, the greater the number of runes and the scrolling speed, while the loss of calories is felt. It might not seem obvious at first, but hitting harmoniously with virtual hammers makes you sweat a lot.

visual aspect there is a marked artistic direction with fairly angular graphics that can appear, seen from the outside on a flat screen or images, a bit simplistic, but the immersion is excellent and it really works very well And immersed in the game world. Anyway, once the music starts, we focus on the runes and the rest isn’t really there anymore. The position of the drums, the angle of the hammer or the location of the shields ( To reinforce) They can all be changed according to our wishes. Very good point because this mod is useful for leaving notes. Note that the version Oculus Quest Graphically very close to the PC version and offers the same experience.

The soundtrack is made up of around thirty pieces of metal and rock, and the choices made, for the rhythm game, are very daring. Although we really enjoyed it, we have to admit that we’re not here for songs that everyone can hear, but it’s a treat for those who love pub songs and drunken parties. Some titles are also in French and it’s great to have French-speaking artists like scotling or Ultra vomiting in the playlist. Let’s be a little chauvinistic!

WanadevStudio has been a huge success.

screenshot of ragagnork (3).So, the unique game allows you to play as you like for fun, but also to get gold medals and unlock Success To take advantage of rewards such as collectible hammers. mood coaching It allows you to improve your skills in difficult routes by choosing the starting point on the track. It’s a really good idea to avoid doing 3 or 4 minute sets just for a certain difficulty. The ability to play against ghosts allows you to compete in real time and set us up for a multiplayer mode. The Viking spirit is essential, in the departure center, in addition to being able to change hammers, it is possible to help yourself to have a beer (and actually drink it) or to light candles. No need, but we loved it. The multiplayer part allows you to face up to five other players of any version (computer, research or PSVR).

Then the flow takes the form of races and seeing our drakkar opponents overtaking us (or trying to do so) adds extra pressure. It is possible to create public or private games (with code) or to join games in progress. In the latter case, the developers allow participation instead of making us wait stupidly for a song to end in the lobby. Even if gaining a minute or more on the clock is not possible, it is still the best way to wait. It is still a very good idea apart from that, we appreciated this competitive mode which lacks a little friendliness and communication between the players at least while waiting before leaving.

ragagnork screenshot.

Ragnarok is a rhythm game with a soundtrack for heavy metal or rock fans that is powerful and quickly becomes addicting as To play With two intuitive and immersive hammer. With its ratings and awards, it has a somewhat endless lifespan for recording junkies, and for others it takes less than two hours to cycle through the various tracks. The ability to play in multiplayer mode is an added bonus that adds extra pressure when seeing the opposing game (s). Only a soundtrack of thirty songs all very rhythmic and sometimes obscene – some in French – could resonate those who lean more towards electronic music, but in our eyes (ears?), And Anadev He has achieved a masterpiece by managing to present a musical game that deserves to be added to his game library And it could really become a classic of the genre.


  • Easy to learn
  • Great soundtrack (metal and rock music)
  • Multiplayer (multiplatform)
  • Relaxing and addicting
  • Successful graphics
  • Possible modification of the playing area
  • Multiplatform Global Ranking

the least

  • The soundtrack should not be put in all ears
  • Unusability in multiplayer mode


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