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The Skinner Brothers – Wednesday, March 23

Formed in London in 2017, after deciding a life in music might mean they never had to work again, the Skinner Brothers rose to prominence after joining The Libertines on their Tiddeley Om Pom Pom seaside tour at a personal invitation from Carl Bârat. With influences ranging from Sinatra to Oasis, the Skinner Brothers really sound like no one else.

Morganway – Thursday, March 24
The musician

Striking six-part harmonies, energetic beats, catchy songs and a terrific live set – Morganway made a strong impression on the UK’s rising American scene. This American rock band is “like no other band right now…reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac” (Entertainment Focus). They have also been described by Maverick Magazine as “one of the best and most exciting prospects to emerge in a long time”.

Dub Pistols – Friday, March 25
O2 Academy Leicester

The Dub Pistols have done everything a band can do and always want more. Led by the infamous Londoner, Barry Ashworth, they’ve toured the world more times than most of us have changed channels, they’ve spent years tearing America down into enthusiastic little bits via long jaunts with punk-rock roadshows, while remixing Moby, Korn, Limp Bizkit and a host of others along the way. Quite simply one of the best live bands in the UK.

The South – Friday, March 25
the donkey

Back in their spiritual home, The Donkey, The South return to their hometown for an evening of Classic Beautiful South hits and rarities. The South is an impressive 9-piece band made up of former members of The Beautiful South, including vocalist Alison Wheeler and lifelong saxophonist Gaz Birtles. Since Dave Hemingway, the original vocalist, left the band in late 2016, Gaz has moved to the front of the band with Alison and has taken on vocal duties.

Dream Woman – Saturday March 26
O2 Academy Leicester

Dream Wife started out as a fantasy…literally. Icelandic singer Rakel and British musicians Alice and Bella performed their first show as part of a performance project at Brighton School of the Arts. Stuck in dreams of 90s club kid nostalgia, they continue to make music, embracing their love for edgy pop. They play with the aesthetics of the yé-yé girl movement of the 1960s, as well as current influences such as Sleigh Bells, Le Tigre and Grimes. Dream Wife is brimming with girl power, infecting the crowd with their trademark “pop by the pool with a bite.”

Elkyn – Sunday, March 27

Born in a former brewery, formed in a Leeds basement and honed since 2019, elkyn is the nickname of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joseph Donnelly. His songs are a sharp reflection of his beautiful heart with carefully crafted lyrics that burst with honesty and painstakingly selected guitars.

Blue Rose Code – Monday, March 28
The musician

Blue Rose Code is the folk performance name of London-based/Edinburgh-born singer/songwriter Ross Wilson. Fusing folk, jazz, soul and pop; his eclecticism became the hallmark of the Blue Rose Code sound and compared him to John Martyn, Van Morrison and Tom Waits.

Dry cleaning – Wednesday March 30
O2 Academy Leicester

Dry Cleaning is a South London quartet that channels post-punk and new wave pop with a low Americana edge. They create mostly spoken lyrics over a bed of crunchy guitars, sounding like a female-fronted version of The Fall and allusions to mid-90s band Linoleum.


PREVIEW: Wide Eyes

After a successful first year, Wide Eyed is back for 2022. The one-day festival event features the best up-and-coming talent from across the UK and will take place at the O2 Academy Leicester on Saturday 9th April. We’ve picked out some of the must-see acts.

Gilla Group

Formerly known as the Girl Band, the four-piece post-punk and noise rock band hails from Dublin. The band formed in late 2011 and have since toured extensively in Europe and the United States to widespread critical acclaim. With influences ranging from Nirvana to Queens of the Stone Age to mclusky, their live show is known to be loud, intense and energetic.

Billy’s names

Post-punk singer/songwriter Tor Maries (aka Billy Nomates) has a sparse and oddly danceable sound, though she covers various societal issues in her lyrics. She was actually born here in Leicester before moving to Bristol, where she spent eight years in various bands. Recognized as an authentic, authoritative and often funny performer, she recorded her debut album with Portishead’s Geoff Barrow and featured on Sleaford Mods’ 2021 album, Spare Ribs.

Big Joanie

Big Joanie is a black feminist punk band, describing themselves as “like The Ronettes filtered through 80s diy and 90s riot grrrl, with a dash of dashikis”. Inspired by a lack of intersectionality in the UK’s DIY punk scene, they formed with the aim of restoring balance and married 60s girl band melodies with a riot grrrl attitude.

Big Joanie’s influences range from Nirvana, Riot Grrrl, Throwing Muses, My Bloody Valentine, The Ronettes and Tina Turner to Jesus and the Mary Chain, Breeders and PJ Harvey.

Enola Gay

Listed in the NME top 100 for 2022, Enola Gay fuses post punk, noise rock, hip-hop and shoegaze. Founded in late 2019, the band draws inspiration from guitar-oriented bands such as IDLES, Fontaines DC and their beloved favorite, Gilla Band (also at Wide Eyed). Their single, “The Birth of a Nation”, was released shortly after the Black Lives Matter protest in Belfast, and its success brought the band to a much wider audience.

The Goa Express

The Goa Express are a band that emerged onto the indie scene with loads of promise and confidence, fueled by chaotic indie rock energy. Their debut singles “The Day” and “Be My Friend” showcased a hungry yet exciting young band. Hailing from Burnley and surrounding bands, the five musicians have been banding together since college and gaining popularity on the psych-rock scene.

Wide Eyed Festival will take place on Saturday April 9 at the O2 Academy Leicester. The tickets are on sale now.



In this week’s playlist, you can explore Wide Eyed’s full lineup and plan your must-see numbers.

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