Year in review: these are the 25 greatest songs of 2021 | Music


Louis Armstrong once said, “Music is life itself. What would this world be without good music? It doesn’t matter what genre it is. Whether it’s rap, pop, country or alternative, Armstrong was right: good music knows no genre. What matters is how the music makes us feel. The lyrics, the rhythm, the instrumentation and the artists come together to offer a few minutes of pure joy.

To determine the biggest songs of 2021, Stacker took a look at Billboard’s Hot 100 chart at the end of the year, the definitive gauge for hit-makers. These songs made us dance, sing and comfort us for another unprecedented year. They gave us the opportunity to get away from it all for a while, to connect with ourselves and with each other, and to feel understood and seen. One song marked the return of a pop star who had taken a break from music; another track became a posthumous hit by a rapper who was tragically killed in his West Hollywood rental home; and yet another smash marked the massive crossover for a booming hip-hop artist.

While a number of songs that made it to Billboard’s Hot 100 charts were a blast from years past, they were still considered contenders on this list of the greatest songs of 2021. They’ve been performed live everywhere, from Facebook at “Saturday Night Live”. Read on to see if your favorite song of the year won.

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