Zimbabwe: cultural diversity plays a role in music – Aurah


Zimbabwean singer Aurah Ariko, who has just released her debut album “The Gift”, said cultural diversity plays a role in promoting music.

She uses the stage name Aurah and is signed under Vialy Studios, owned by musician Munya Vialy.

Aurah has already warmed the stage for Nigerian musicians Wizkid and Burna Boy on their Canadian tour in 2019.

In an interview, Aurah, who is based in Canada, said the album was a compilation of her growth and her journey of learning life’s ups and downs.

“Working on this album was so amazing,” she said. “I really used inspiration from the everyday situations that we all experience in one way or another. My goal was to create something that was very connected.

“I am a big supporter of cultural diversity. In general, the world has become a global village and so we are now all connected with the push of a button. we now live in a world that is open to listening.

“Music is a universal language and I think that with the diversity of my fans it is clearly evident that music is all about atmosphere.”

Aurah said her music mixes with modern rhythm and blues, soul and African vibes which sort of becomes her inspirational force.

“As musicians or creatives, we are inspired by life. Musically, although I have a lot of jazz and neo soul inspirations. I was a singing student under the phenomenal Dudu Manhenga and she introduced me to the world of contemporary jazz and soul music.

“Growing up, I listened to the urban sounds of R&B and hip-hop. Beyoncé was definitely an artist who made an impact on my journey. I love everything she creates.”

Aurah said she decided to release an album after years of dropping overseas singles.

“This is my first album. I have been releasing singles for a few years and decided it was time to finish a whole job. I will really say that I never chose music, music chose me .

“I’ve been singing since I was six years old and no matter where I went, I always came back to music.”

Aurah has a degree in Accounting and Finance and currently works for a nonprofit organization that supports and empowers black women and girls.

“I have a passion for empowering people and have been working in social services and the nonprofit space since I graduated from school.

“In my spare time, I love to garden and read. This is typically what my free time looks like when I’m not making music.”

Based in Edmonton, Canada for 10 years, Aurah pointed out that the challenges she faces in her music career were somewhat different from those cited by many local musicians.

Local musicians generally say that the lack of appreciation, funding and support are their main obstacles.

“I can say for now that the challenges mainly with my music project are due to the current pandemic we find ourselves in,” Aurah said. “It was difficult to create videos as we wanted and also to travel to certain destinations due to the many restrictions imposed.

“I did my best to make it work. I also took on challenges as an African artist. It’s not always easy to present your art to the world in a way they understand, but I took a chance and it worked. There will always be challenges in life in anything you do, you just have to do your best to keep pushing and carrying on. “

Aurah said she collaborated with a Dominican artist, Oozeela.


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